Found this interestingly adorable image from this fantastic website ironically, in this case, named FFFFound! 

I first got to know about this website from a friend’s website. After browsing it for a while, I was hooked. It is a constantly exhilarating visual stimulation, and I suppose that I am a visual animal of some sort. Aesthetics intrigue me nonstop and like most others, I love admiring beautiful things. I enjoy flipping through the colourful glossy pages of magazines. I like fashion, I like interior design, I like architecture, I like the arts. The beauty of Nature never fails to take my breath away, even if it’s simply the green of the grass or the blue of the sky. FFFFound! provides me with the splash of colour I need in my life from time to time, especially when I’m in the dull office tucked away and neglected in the armpit of Singapore. Page after page, I just keep on going and end up collecting several images in a folder. One has been used as a wallpaper for my laptop at work; another as a wallpaper for my E71. 🙂