Two of my favorite artistes in a song = Plain brilliant

I love how they add flavor to this song.

Previously, I was like Keri Hilson who?


I know, I’ve been as busy as Alice trying to find her way out of Wonderland, and trying not to lose my mind like the Mad Hatter. I wanted to post this video ages ago, so here it goes:

Beyonce feat Kanye West – Ego

I hate men with big egos.

Ironically, the one who who catches my eyes often has one.

I guess it depends on how you look at it: arrogance or confidence.

“Some  call it arrogant,  I call it confident.”

I guess I always prefer arrogance to a low sef-esteem. Kanye tells you why.. 

Me and my ego,
And it go wherever we go,
My ego is my imaginary friend,
He was with me when I was only imagining,
I had dreams of the league,
One day I play Kobe,
I walk up to Puff and he really know me,
Couldn’t let the dream killers kill my self esteem,
Or use the arrogance as a steam that power my dreams

I’m attending a two-hour One Minute Manager training.

Why does that sound strange?

you are happy with your work when it’s almost 9pm and you are alone working away cheerily.

Well, either that, or just very daring. Especially during the Chinese 7th month.

Then again, I thought I was on my own in the entire office. Suddenly the new HR executive opened her door and popped out of her room at the other end of the office. Her door creaked loudly and gave me a shock as I was deeply absorbed in my own work. She herself wasn’t that scary-looking. Actually I think she’s quite pretty.

I love my job.

Oh, have I already mentioned that?  

It’s just unbelievable.

One of the slackest, laziest, most whiny guys I’ve ever known in my life made it to Duke.

Before I could have even gotten over the shock of news some years ago when his other lazy, whiny, joker-cum-slacker friend got into the local medical school.

Seriously. Two of the slackest guys in my class are potential doctors in the making. What does this tell? Yes, my class was very smart. There is no question in that. But do you know that save a couple of us including me who have never ever aspired to dorn the white robes, the rest of the class actually dreamt to be doctors? Even with straight As for more than half the class at “A” levels, barely half made it to the interview and ultimately only a handful successfully got into the medical school the following year.

Is there no QC for our saviours in white coats?  

This perhaps goes to prove that people do change for the better (that is, if going to Duke means improvement) with time, even men. And that I shouldn’t be so judgemental with the opposite sex. A slacker in the past doesn’t mean that he will remain one forever. There may come a day when he finally wakes up and unleashes his full potential.

Then again, does he score more points now that he’s in Duke?

Not really. A white coat doesn’t turn me on.

Give me a toolbox any day. 

The happiest piece of news today was hearing that he would be around more often.

See you around, baby.