are when I can eat mee goreng in the middle of the night and then laze on the couch watching TV programs for the next few hours, waiting for the junk to digest before surrendering to the bed.

Holidays are when I can sleep till lunchtime. That’s why I only take two meals per day.

Holidays are when I only need to check work emails once in the evening. I know, it’s pathetic, having to check emails even on off days, but well, it’s either that or returning to work with tons of unread emails in the inbox.

I love holidays.

Work has been so busy, particularly in the past six months, ever since I joined the company, that holidays are becoming a rare commodity. I celebrated my first anniversary with the company in October and I still can’t believe how time has zoomed by. Nevertheless, it has been a really fruitful year. I’ve learnt so much and accomplished so much as a newbie that I really can’t complain. Yes, there were hard times, there were long hours into the night trying to finish my work, there were plenty of overtime, there was little sleep and a lot of stress, but at the end of the day, if you do what you like, and you like what you do, there’s very little that you can grumble about.

Furthermore I work with a wonderful local team and my department has been amazing. There is so much laughter and joy in the office that work doesn’t feel like work most of the time. I love going to work with that ridiculous bunch of fools. I’ve even made some great friends for life and that has taken me by surprise because I’ve never seen the workplace as a place where one can make true friends out of colleagues. Guess I was mistaken. But how pleasant that mistake has been.

I like my job, I like my colleagues and my bosses like my work. It looks like I’ve found home, except that I can’t possibly have found home at 26, can I? Sometime next year in October, perhaps I need to start thinking about my next destination. It has been a fascinating journey but seeing how limited both vertical and lateral movement is in the department, I guess I won’t stay long. Yes, you may call me ambitious, but I’m really curious to see how far I can go, how high I can climb. There is little in the status or materials that appeals to me, it’s that goddamn self-motivation that won’t make me stop. 

It’s Sunday today and I’m feeling so rested and refreshed after this long Hari Raya Haji weekend that I’m all prepared to go back to work tomorrow. Except that I’ve been forced to take the mandatory five-day leave next week. It has been painful trying to find time to stay away from the office for five days at a stretch, but I’m going to be penalized by HR if I don’t do so by end of the year, and I will be a lunatic to get a penalty for refusing to take leave. Who am I trying to kid anyway? Once I’ve applied for the leave, I am on cloud nine! FIVE freaking long days away from the office, away from all my colleagues (no matter how much I love them) and bosses, away from the documents, the emails, the hospitals!

I planned for a short trip last minute, so this short holiday won’t be spent in vain. I hope that I can update more in the days to come! And tomorrow I’m taking my mum, who also happens to be on leave, to town to do some early Christmas shopping! Otherwise I will be drowned in the annual December Christmas shopping loony crowd! I’ve $100 Takashimaya vouchers to spend, and what better way than to spend on my loved ones and colleagues? 😉



I’m attending a two-hour One Minute Manager training.

Why does that sound strange?

you are happy with your work when it’s almost 9pm and you are alone working away cheerily.

Well, either that, or just very daring. Especially during the Chinese 7th month.

Then again, I thought I was on my own in the entire office. Suddenly the new HR executive opened her door and popped out of her room at the other end of the office. Her door creaked loudly and gave me a shock as I was deeply absorbed in my own work. She herself wasn’t that scary-looking. Actually I think she’s quite pretty.

I love my job.

Oh, have I already mentioned that?  

Friends have been asking me about the roti prata.

So I just want to say that it was not delicious at all.

Whenever we’ve our monthly team meetings, which usually take place on Fridays, the minute taker of the meeting is also in charge of getting breakfast for the entire team. There are twelve of us on the team, so everyone gets a chance to be the chairperson for a month and take minutes for another month.

For this month’s meeting, my boss is taking the minutes. Guess what she’s getting us for breakfast?

Yes, roti prata.

Does she read my blog? I’m scared.

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