February 2010

and I’m just sitting on the armchair in the living room. Doing absolutely nothing but playing around with my BBB and watching the news at the same time.

I miss weekends when my laptop doesn’t follow me home.

I swear that the IBM is a stalker of some sort.


If you are seeing this, then it worked!

Today is 5 February 2010 and it has been about ten weeks since I last blogged.

No particular reason for this hiatus, except for being too busy.

Since my last post, I had gone on a short getaway on my own, bought a Gucci bag, had both my sisters returned from abroad after five months and four weeks respectively, finally laid my hands on the LV bag I’d my sis helped to purchase from its land of origin, gotten my first bonus from this company, received a rather pleasing pay increment, had my Nokia E71 almost exploded in my pants, bought my BlackBerry Bold, attended my second Dinner & Dance in this company and won an mp3 player on that night, AND if there’s one thing which never changes, the work just keeps on piling up!

I’ve loads of photos to share. Unfortunately, I’ve also a lot of deadlines to meet before Chinese New Year. But fortunately, my family doesn’t really go visiting during Chinese New Year, so this may allow me more time to update my blog.

Keep your fingers crossed.

That is, if you are still reading this blog.