I know, I’ve been as busy as Alice trying to find her way out of Wonderland, and trying not to lose my mind like the Mad Hatter. I wanted to post this video ages ago, so here it goes:

Beyonce feat Kanye West – Ego

I hate men with big egos.

Ironically, the one who who catches my eyes often has one.

I guess it depends on how you look at it: arrogance or confidence.

“Some  call it arrogant,  I call it confident.”

I guess I always prefer arrogance to a low sef-esteem. Kanye tells you why.. 

Me and my ego,
And it go wherever we go,
My ego is my imaginary friend,
He was with me when I was only imagining,
I had dreams of the league,
One day I play Kobe,
I walk up to Puff and he really know me,
Couldn’t let the dream killers kill my self esteem,
Or use the arrogance as a steam that power my dreams