because I’m buried in work and suffocated to death. Dead people don’t blog.

Well, okay, I won’t die. At least not from work. I think I will survive as always.

With five projects on hand and each at a different stage that nevertheless demands as much work and time from me, they are threatening to turn me into what I fear most: a dreaded workaholic. One project is closing out and therefore unleashes a thread of related activites; one project is cleaning the data, causing some queries to be fired now and then; I’m finally finalizing the contracts for another project; and…wait for the gem..while I’m kept insanely occupied by my new project as the interim analysis approaches, it got selected for an internal audit!

I swear I never have as much “luck” with the lottery! Nor with men. But this is my second audit ever since I joined the company last October! Just as I was hoping to plan for a well-deserved holiday, my schedule has currently been packed until the end of October with the upcoming audit as well as the department team-building session. Did I mention that I’m on the organising committe for this team-building session which is going to take place at some ulu resort in Malaysia, which essentially means a lot of logistic work to get everyone in the Singapore team over there? And that I’m also the new columnist for our newsletter which is due for release in September and my article is nowhere near starting? And that I’ve also volunteered to revamp the appearance of the entire newsletter? Looks like I’ve to postpone any such plans until the end of the year.

But I’m not exactly complaining. While my boss exclaimed that my learning curve is very steep and worried about me not being able to cope, this is actually the type of learning I’ve been craving for. Steep? I personally think that it’s ninety degrees perpendicular to the ground and I’m digging my claws into the cliff as I try to climb my way up without losing grip and smashing my brain all over the ground. Insane, but I just want to achieve as much as I can in the shortest period of time when it comes to work. I may just be that little bit ambitious.

All that I need now at work is a completely new project for me to take on so that I may learn the startup part and then my learning will be complete. I have bluntly made it known to the managers. Others may just wait for it, but I believe in voicing out what I want. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it because at the same time, I also respect their decision. I think a new project for me wouldn’t be possible in the short term because I’m really occupied by my current projects, but being the usual optimist, I believe my chance will come eventually.

Until then, it’s back to work.

(Yes, I work for a short while on Sundays now because of that darn interim analysis.)

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