Sometimes work can be boring, or sometimes it can be due to the noise level in the office, but any way or another, some of my colleagues and I have taken to plugging our earphones in and listening to music during work hours. It is of course with no disapproval from the boss that we dare to do this. I said no disapproval because my boss has never openly indicated her approval. Yet she has never voiced any disapproval either. We have taken her silence to mean consent.

No idea what my colleagues actually listen to but I’ve been listening to ever since I realised that the website hosts more than just Chinese songs. I always have had the misconception, probably due to the name of the website, that all has are Chinese songs. Obviously, I’m much mistaken. Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Rihanna, you name it, they have it – almost all the Western artistes and almost any song. It has been most satisfying surfing the website for the newest song overheard on radio.

However lately, I’ve been doing some time travelling like Michael J Fox in “Back to the Future”, another ancient movie we’ve here – except that I am going back in time and listening to my favourite boy band back in those days. Yes, we are talking about the Backstreet Boys.

It is particularly funny thinking about those days in secondary school when we were decked in our blue pinafores and white shirts and gushing over BSB virtually ALL THE TIME. “We” actually only refer to M, SR and of course me. No surprise that we were in the same class and same clique. Strangely though, G never got influenced. LOL. BSB was probably too low class for her, even back then. Anyway it was like BSB was constantly on our tongues – we probably talked about them 24 hours a day, sung their songs all the time, even on buses during class excursions, and most exaggeratingly, even gushed over them in our letters to one another!

It’s true – I still possess the abovementioned discriminating evidence. As well as tons of offending photos of us back in those days. That’s why I always tell my old friends to watch their steps very carefully and not to step on my tail.

Oh, those were really the days! We always have such a good laugh reminiscing about them these days. Definitely a sign of aging. I do not want to go into further details about our past obsession with BSB because it may risk a myocardial infarction, and the five of them can hardly be called boys now, but to their credit, they did have some really catchy and cool songs, which I discover that I still like to listen to now.

During our last dinner, M, SR and I suddenly remembered the dance performance our class put up in Secondary 3 on Teachers’ Day. Without any doubt at all, yes, we did dance to a BSB song. I couldn’t remember the name of the song even though I can still sing the lyrics. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, May still does. And guess what, I just did a search on YouTube and I actually found the exact video which we had watched for inspiration on that fateful day in 1995 at CH’s place (he was the class chairman)! Of course we certainly did not have YouTube then! We watched it on tape! Yes, that monstrous-looking thing we needed a video tape player to play! Gosh, we don’t even use that now!

Anyway that tape was yours truly’s haha. I think it was a tape recording of their concert which I had bought. Yes, I was that crazy. 

I had a hard time watching the video just now in office and trying very hard not to chuckle out loud. I think M and SR will have fun watching it too! Enjoy,  ladies!