Do you know who to pronounce this Chinese character: 泵?

Well, neither did I.

Neither did my colleague nor anyone else in the office.

When my colleague seeked our help, she was too kind. Our standard of Mandarin is certainly not as high. All of us were seeing this Chinese character for the very first time as well. Hence I told my colleague to google for it instead. This was what came up:

And you know what I said the moment I saw it?

“Huh, bèng??”

Not the correct pronounciation, which is the same as 蹦蹦跳跳, but “beng” as in “Ah Beng”, but in the fourth tone.

I know! Even I found it incredulous! How could that have come out of my mouth?

Undoubtedly the most bimbotic moment ever in my life.