Do you know that there’s this show on Channel 8 / U featuring famous daddies taking over the household including the kid(s) for a day while the mummies go for a break, with Mark Lee as the host?

Well, I have never watched that but I do see the commercials now and then. Last night, as I was watching TV with my mum, the commercial for the next episode of the show was aired. Seeing how the daddy for the week made a mess of the household chores and failed to pacify the son, which seems to be a common trend for these daddies, I commented with slight disdain how generally daddies suck at household chores and taking care of the children, to which of course my mum readily agreed.

Before you jump into any conclusion, once again a behaviour typical of Homo sapiens (and which I’m occasionally guilty of), that I’m exhibiting traits of an alpha female again, let me tell you that it’s a private joke between my mum and I that fathers generally suck at the abovementioned tasks because my dad happened to be one of these daddies. It’s a joke because even though my dad did not help out with housework or taking care of us when we were young, my dad is a great father and we all love him dearly. He was not a man of many words, could not express his feelings for us openly, never once said “I love you” to my mum or us, but he has always been there for us and took good care of us for years by working very hard and bringing the dough home. Now that he has retired, he cooks, cleans the place, talks to us a lot more, isn’t as afraid to show his affection and takes care of us in a way very different from the past, but no less as loving and caring.

I can go on and on about how fantastic my dad is, except for, again another joke between my mum and I, earning big bucks, and how much I love him, but let’s face it: if you were to ask my dad to take over the household for a day some ten years ago, I doubt my dear dad could even survive ten minutes before dumping my wailing sisters and I down the rubbish chute. So yes, the conclusion is that most working fathers generally cannot handle tons of dirty laundry and plates to wash, diapers to change, hollering kids to pacify and meals to cook, amongst many other tasks, which begin the moment they open their eyes (which is usually when the baby starts crying at 4am) and only stop when they go to bed (which is after they manage to put the children into bed – and then the baby wakes up wailing at 4am, all over again).      

However my mum told me something very sweet about my dad last night. My dad has quite a fiery temper, although he almost never flares up at any of us, which is easily triggered by his lack of patience. To his credit, he has tamed down a lot over the years. Back in those days when he was still young and overflowing with angst, I suppose his temper could be quite scary. However do you know that when we were still young, he would sit by our bedside with a nail clipper and patiently trim our nails while we slumbered on?

Seriously, how sweet is that? I told you that I love that man, didn’t I?