After lunch with my sisters at AMK Central,

Me: I need to get some drinks from the supermarket.
Sis: What kind of drinks?
Me: Ice lemon tea.
Sis: (looking at me incredulously) Are you addicted to ice lemon tea?
Me: (in mock denial) NOOooooo, of course I am not.
Sis: Just like how any typical addict would react to such accusation.
Me: Maybe I should go to Ice Lemon Tea Anonymous. Hi, my name is Shoi and I’m addicted to ice lemon tea.
*all engulfed in wild laughter*
Me: I can start up one and be the President. We can call it ICTA. I-C-TA (pronounced i-see-ta)
Sis: Or it can be LTA – Lemon Tea Anonymous!

LOL. My family is FULL of shit.