It was nice talking to you today.

It was funny how long every single minute seemed after I sent out my email and waited extremely impatiently for your reply, not knowing for sure whether you would even bother to reply to my two or three lines in the first place.

It was funny how I would open up your every reply with great excitement and anticipation immediately after receiving it, type a reply almost instantly and then spend the next fifteen minutes scrutinizing those few lines so carefully. Is it casual enough? Have I managed to inject a little humour in my lines? Do they sound witty enough? Someone would have thought that I was writing Obama’s presidential speech.

It was funny how I would really want to reply you soonest but would deliberately wait a little while more so that I would not appear too anxious.

It was funny how I would time the intervals between your replies.

It was funny that no matter how delighted I felt at each of your replies, there would still be that sour pang hidden somewhere within.

It was funny how I really wanted our communication to go on and on but I still felt that I did not want to bother you. Yet when you did not reply eventually, I was sorry that I started the chain in the first place.

It was funny how in the end nothing seemed funny anymore. 


But it’s alrght. Take care and bring a smile to my face some other day. 🙂

Yours truly,
I who wished that seas did not exist