Ahhh…MIA for two whole weeks….what was I up to?

Now let’s see…

I spent last last week preparing for that Friday’s D&D with some of my colleagues. Bollywood *yawn* was the night’s theme. The theme’s sooooo last year but well, apparently we were the only company in Singapore who had never held such a theme previously. Hence to fulfil the organising committee’s wish, practically everyone graced the event in some fancy Bollywood costumes. Departments were divided into teams and each team was supposed to present a five-minute musical based on the category assigned randomly. Ours was probably the easiest one – “Fatal Love”. We spent a hundred bucks (for the props only) and three days buying our costumes and the props materials, making the props and rehearsing. It was extremely tiring, we stayed back late in office, starved ourselves, but the result certainly compensated for the pain. Our team came in FIRST and we walked away with two thousand dollars worth of shopping vouchers. Our lead actress was also awarded with the Best Actress and Best Dressed awards! Our department truly had a glorious and victorious night!

However I also ended up being severely ill since last last Wednesday and not only spent the weekend in bed, but also had to take MC for three days this week. Yes, it was really bad. I had NEVER been so sick in my entire life. I do get the usual cold from time to time, but never to the extent that I would need to see my GP. I can’t even remember the last time I suffered from a fever but this time round, the fever haunted me for more than four days. I was even too weak to get off my bed to see my GP initially.

But well, nothing’s important now that I’m more or less as good as new. Having the unusual opportunity to stay at home and do nothing but rest for three days this week has also given me plenty of time to think. However, I think that my brain is still fried from the high temperatures, I can’t seem to be able to organise and articulate my thoughts as yet.

Anyway I actually take this sudden and serious bout of illness as a good start to the new year. Now that the worst is over, I can only expect the better. 😉