I normally don’t do New Year resolutions.

I mean, why make promises that you can never keep and then make yourself guilty as hell when you eventually give in and break one?

A promise to thyself is still a promise, and for me, promises are always meant to be kept. I’m a woman of my words. I do not break my promises. Which is exactly why I seldom make promises, especially towards other people. I’m too scared of the possibility of breaking a promise to be making one in the first place. 

On the other hand, I’m not the silly type who goes around making others making promises to me. I’m too scared of the possibility of them breaking their promises to me to be asking them make one in the first place.

Now that was confusing, wasn’t it? Well, I vow to confuse! And I always try to stick by that vow of mine. 😉

Alright, back to the serious matters. I just made a friend promise me something and she agreed. Why did I do that? Because I know that she will keep to her promise as much as I will. Because I know that if I do not make her promise me that, she will not take my advice seriously. This led me to think. Since there are people out there who treat me sincerely enough to dare to promise me certain things out of their own will, why can’t I do the same to myself?

Hence I am making a grand total of TEN New Year resolutions this year:

  1. Try to read a book each month.
  2. Buy a book each month if I can accomplish the abovementioned.
  3. Allow myself to buy a new CD each month.
  4. To do the abovementioned, need to cut down on the new clothes and shoes.
  5. No more bags. At least until the next bonus.
  6. Take less cabs. Trains are not monsters on tracks.
  7. Save money so that I can go on a tour and then bring my family on a tour (the latter is a two/three-year plan).
  8. Meet up more with the forgotten friends of the past. But I need to first remember who these people are.  
  9. Smile more, which means that I need to mean it first.
  10. Which means that I need to learn to open my heart to the outsiders more.   

The first eight sound simple, I know. I wanted things which I really want to do, and certainly things which are not entirely impossible. Which is why there’s no “exercise more” or “run a marathon” or “eat healthy, drink less” bullshit that I know I can never stick to. No 100% guarantee of success for the rest but at least the odds are pretty high. The last two are more difficult but ironically, and pun not intended, likely if I can set my heart to it. Even though I’m still not convinced myself that I need to do these, I’m pretty positive that these will do me nothing but good. At least, that was what my friend said.

In addition to these, I’m also promising myself not to be so hard on myself (not that I certainly would feel so but it wouldn’t harm to have this backup plan) if I fail any of the abovementioned.

Oh wait, that’s 11.