James Morrison’s debut album “Undiscovered”.

All thanks to Diz and, hmm, her bro for that scribbling of the album title and artiste name on the CD.

It’s unbelievable! I should have bought it the moment I heard “You Give Me Something” on the radio as well. Sometimes I can’t believe all the good music I’m missing out because of my unwillingness to spend twenty bucks on a CD.

While both Jason Mraz and James Morrison have soulful voices that easily touch people’s souls, Mraz sounds like butter while Morrison is a lot more raw. Both are appealing, but in their different ways. Morrison writes very good lyrics as well, but Mraz’s lyrics are definitely much more picturesque and leave more to the interpretation and imagination of the listener, and I like how tongue twisting Mraz’s lyrics are. Morrison’s music is more on the rock side. I’ve absolutely no complaint about “Undiscovered” though. I would say that it is almost as fascinating as any of Mraz’s.

I’ve just begun to appreciate and enjoy this album, but I’ve also just learnt that his second album “Songs for You, Truths for Me” has already been released in Europe in late September this year! I’m listening to some of his latest singles on YouTube and I must say that his new album doesn’t seem to disappoint too!

This time round, I must grab it soon!

Nothing Ever Hurts Like You