I admit. I have a soft spot for Mr Bean. I think he’s hilarious like hell. When the television is showing one of the Mr Bean episodes, I simply can’t take my eyes off the set.

This was the case when I was sitting at a clinic at a hospital this morning, waiting for the doctor to be available for a brief meeting. It was a posh, private clinic setting, though in a restructured hospital, and they were showing Mr Bean on their TV. That sounds kind of weird, I know, but perhaps the hospital felt that Mr Bean would be an effective way to relieve the stress, tension and maybe even pain that some of the patients might be experiencing while waiting for their turns. It certainly worked for me!

I had to resist laughing out loud in public! I’ve posted here what I felt might be the best episode of Mr Bean I’ve ever seen so far. Aptly titled “Merry Christmas”, this is the very festive season to watch it! Enjoy and have a good laugh!