I’m supposed to fill up this Christmas Wish List with three items that I want and drop the piece of paper into a box, like everyone else in the department. Everyone will subsequently draw from this box, keep the identity on the paper they pick a secret, and then buy one of the items as a Christmas gift for their secret buddies. Of course I suppose that everything will be revealed at the end of the entire gift exchange.

I see everyone else rapidly filling up their Wish Lists and dumping them into the box. Mine’s still fucking blank.

It’s not that there’s nothing which I desire. But the budget’s set at $15 and may I ask which part of the latest Gucci collection can anyone buy with that measly amount?

Perhaps the zipper?

Then again, I always prefer to buy my own branded goods because they cost too much for a gift, even from a loved one, so I don’t need anyone to add a new member to my collection. Okay, there’s no actual collection as yet, but I’m sure that it will slowly grow over the years should I have the extra cash to splash on a new bag. On the other hand, I won’t need any Ferragamo heels, Louis Vuitton bag or Burberry scarf to boost my self-esteem, so unless I totally have some spare cash and a terrible itch to grab a new expensive fancy bag, maybe there won’t really be a real collection. Alright, I need to stop. I’m very fond of seemingly contradicting myself.  

Where was I?

Right. $15 can’t get me anything substantial. I was thinking of one of those compilations from That CD Shop again but quickly realised that, damn, even a CD costs more than that. Maybe I’ll ask for a book. That would fit the budget nicely. I can actually also think of a dozen other stuff that I would love to get my hands on and one can perhaps fortunately buy with less than twenty bucks, like a gorgeous note/sketchbook, or some of those exquisite display ornaments. These are items which I would love to own but could never bear to spend money on because they aren’t exactly practical and useable, which actually make perfect gifts on Wish Lists. Well, that’s the purpose of Wish Lists, isn’t it? To put down items which you can’t afford or bear to purchase, and have others buy for you! The ironic thing is that you actually end up spending the exact sum of money on another gift in return, which kind of means that you buy yourself the gift indirectly. When you could have just bought it for yourself personally. Hmm.     

Anyway I don’t think I would ask a colleague to get these for me because they don’t know me that well and I’ve very quirky, peculiar, strange, whatever you wish to call it taste. And I will not use something if I do not genuinely like it, even though of course I’m genuinely touched that someone would bother to get me a gift, never mind that it doesn’t really suit my taste.

Yes, yes, I admit that I’m the type of person whom others find it darn hard to get a present for. I see the things which I like, I think I can afford them, I buy them. I don’t think too much. If there’s anything which makes me think twice before getting it, I decide that I don’t honestly like it that much and I won’t buy it. Therefore I currently own practically everything that I need or like and can also afford to buy. Hence if you want to buy me something which I probably desire but don’t have the hard cash to own it, then it would be a new laptop, a new mp3 player, a new hifi set, a plasma TV, Wii, PSP, the latest Gucci bag, the diamonds, and one can never go wrong with shoes, shoes, shoes, but alas! shoes are damn tough to buy for others when you don’t have the same pair of feet to try on. As for the rest, I bet they are on your own Wish List, meaning that you can’t even afford to buy them for yourself, let alone for other people!

Besides, as I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t like others buying expensive gifts for me and I can truly survive without all those as well. I’m not the type who saves and scrimps to buy something, or thinks about possessing it every day when it’s in reality kilometres away sitting on a glass shelf. If I can’t afford it, I’m absolutely fine with not owning it. Which basically sums up that there seems to be nothing that you can get for a person like me on Christmas! 

Great. My Wish List is still fucking blank.

Oh wait, I just remember that I urgently need a new yoga mat! But darn, $15 can only get me half of it!