My team had a TGID lunch sponsored by the company last Friday and we went all the way off our tiny island to have that lunch.

What does TGID mean? Well, it stands for “Thank God It’s December”! I know, looks like Friday ain’t the only thing to thank for every single week, but every year we have to thank for December too! It’s basically to congratulate each of the team members for surviving the year and making it to the last month of Year 2008 in one whole piece, including not losing one’s mind!

But you do get the real reason behind it, right? Another perfect excuse to enjoy wholesome good food completely on the account of the company!

This year we went to the same restaurant the team visited last year: il Lido at Sentosa.

Yes, it’s fairly insane. We actually went all the way to another island for a lunch.

I actually kind of like this insanity!

Anyway the place was really classy, the service was impeccable, the ambience was cosy and romantic, the food was not too bad and the company was lovely. I think I really had a good time!

Here are some photographs which I had taken:

We had the festive lunch set each, which had four courses.

All twelve of us sat at a long long table.

Some delicious bread in an artistic basket to soothe our killer hunger pangs while we waited for our appetizer. We were all starving because we either skipped or had a reduced breakfast to make space in our stomachs for this lunch.

I was so hungry that I gobbled up the appetizer which was stuffed calamari, before I remembered to take a photograph first!

This was the side dish of fettuccine. I usually do not eat pasta because I do not like the starchy taste, but this was soooo good that I left no trace of it in the bowl subsequently. However we kept joking that it looked like bak chor mee the moment it was served. Seriously, it looked like a bowl of bak chor mee one can easily find in the local hawker centre, didn’t it? Please don’t tell the chef of il Lido that we said that though? We were pretty worried that he was going to dash out with a chopper in his hand if he was to have heard us.  

It turned out that there was special promotion with one of the banks and one of us happened to have that particular card, so we got to savour not one but TWO bottles of yummy champagne (plus some discount off the total bill but the money wasn’t going to come out of our own pockets in the first place anyway, so it didn’t really matter). It was so funny. We were going back to the office to work after the lunch and yet we drank. But well, no one really bothered. We were all too thrilled having the champagne.

Our main course of either roasted duck breast, which I chose and thoroughly enjoyed,

or Mediterranean red snapper.

Lastly, our dessert which was very pretty and picture-perfect, but unfortunately not my cup of tea for my palate:

Needless to say, I didn’t touch most of it. It was too creamy but I bit off all the hard parts.

And yes, that was gold foil on the tip of a chocolate stick. It’s insane.

That preserved sour plum lookalike was actually a chestnut. Or what my colleagues and I fondly called a gao lak

Lastly, we had what was definitely my cup of tea. It was simply a cup of tea.

Overall we had an enojyable lunch. As friends know, I’m not a fan of classy restaurants and expensive food. I just don’t see the point of splashing money on digestible items which come out of one’s system as something totally different and undesirable the following day. Bags and shoes always seem like a more practical choice. However, now and then I do enjoy the experience, and this is one which I did.

Cheers to everyone. We (almost) survived the year!