I kind of went on a crazy shopping spree this week. I didn’t go all berserk and buy a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton – I’m not filthy rich nor insanely extravagant – but I could have spent less, I guess. Afterall it’s the recession, although looking at the crowd at Gucci at Paragon last weekend, no one would have thought so.

Maybe I was just feeling a bit deprived having all work and no shopping (other than food and transport) since my KL trip. Maybe it’s the festival season and a vibrant shopping mood is in the air infecting everyone in sight. Whatever the real reason was, retail therapy is sometimes more effective than seeing an actual therapist! I’m sure that most girls will nod their heads firmly in agreement. Though I’m not certain if it’s any less affordable. 


I have a wholly good reason for buying SEVEN pairs of earrings at one go. You should see what I wear to work every day. It’s almost always the same few pairs, so I really needed new pairs to spice up my daily wardrobe. *phew* Purchases 100% validated.


Popped into That CD Shop at Raffles City when we were looking for an ATM machine to withdraw some cash for the cab journey home. Wanted to look for a CD which I remembered seeing on the television and wanting to buy it but noting that it was only available in this particular music store. Except that I honestly couldn’t recall the title of the album. Ended up spotting a good sale and therefore finally, finally, finally got my hands on Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I know, these albums have been released for quite some time but I just couldn’t bear to spend $20 on a piece of CD which I will store away for good after ripping it to my mp3 player once I reach home. But these two CDs are really excellent buys, so I was totally satisfied and thrilled.

I also joined the High Society. I mean a series of compilation albums titled “high society” released by Sony BMG and exclusive to That CD Shop. I couldn’t help it. They kept playing songs from the different albums and I wasn’t the only customer asking for the albums they were playing. Practically everyone else in the shop was approaching the staff for such enquiry and grabbed at least one of the albums. I was initially attracted to this Shanghai jazz album they were playing, but eventually bought the “Jazz in the City 2” album. It was a painful experience having to choose only one. If my wallet was thick, I would definitely have bought more!   

I don’t usually listen to jazz but lately I have been culturing a blossoming taste in slow, jazzy or soulful music. Perhaps these are more soothing stuff for my awakening ears in the morning. I used to listen in to the radio (987 fm) on my way to work on the bus, but due to my new job, I have been taking the train, hence radio is no longer an option. Having to listen to my mp3 for about 2 hours every day, I was quickly running out of songs to listen and sometimes your ears simply find it tough to take loud, throbbing, screaming or cussing hip-hop or rock music at 8am. I’m still into my hip-hop and R&B, and my Linkin Park and Fort Minor albums still run frequently on my mp3 player, but a change is quite refreshing and this new compilation is fantastic!

I’m already aiming for “Jazz in the City 1” and the 80s disco fever one.


Bought some accessories for my hair but am currently too lazy to take pictures of them.


I visited the IKEA store at Tampines today and subsequently popped by the nearby Giant store as well with my family. We were there for about six hours straight! You bet that we were all beaten at the end.

These are my favourite buys of the day (yes, implying that I got more but I’m not showing you): 

This is a black frame which I bought and I put something together using this lovely card Diz got me years ago and some material out of my stock.

It says “Grow old with me. The best is yet to come.” I’m going to put this in my office to spice my work area up. It’s still kind of bare because I’m not the sort who likes soft toys and simply decorates the cubicle with tons of them. I’m going to be with this company for many more years to come, so I figure that I can and should do up the area properly. Yet I want it to reflect my character and style, so this may take more time and effort.   

I found this lovely tea set too that came with a small tea pot for one, a even tinier tea cup and a cute warmer! The set looked so bright and cheery that I really had to buy it!

The cute warmer which you can put a tealight in and lit it up to warm the teapot:

The adorable tea cup:

The teapot with the cutest lid:

I know that I used a lot of “cute” and “adorable” but nothing can describe the tea set more fittingly! I’m going to use this in the office too since I spend most of the time in that pathetic space. This lovely set should cheer me up appropriately!

Even though I’m a thoroughly satisfied buyer and I won’t say that I really splashed a lot as compared to other spendthrift girls, of course, there’s still this mild sense of guilt that I could have saved this amount and do something more meaningful with it. I know, I’m equally relieved to know that I am human too.