It’s our Associate Manager’s birthday tomorrow and since she’ll be on leave on her special day, we got a slice of cake to pre-celebrate for her this afternoon. It was a bit weird to see just a slice because for the past few birthdays, we had a whole cake for each of the birthday ladies. Perhaps the manager was too occupied today and hence was unable to drive out to get a cake. Nevertheless, I believe it’s the thought that counts, and we have a pretty birthday card with everyone’s blessings in it for her!

We all gathered in a meeting room beforehand, drew the blinds, dimmed all the lights and then hid at a corner. One of us went out to get the receptionist to call the birthday girl, claiming that there was an important visitor who needed to meet her urgently in that meeting room. The moment she opened the door and stepped into the room, we all burst into a birthday song.

Yes, we went through great lengths but of course she guessed what was waiting for her! Afterall we do birthday celebrations for everyone in the team. However, seeing the look on her face, I guess she was still very delighted.   

And no, her name is not Banana.