Today I was watching the news on the tragic death of young Singaporean lawyer Ms Lo Hwei Yen on television and her sister described her as someone who “made everyone around her really happy, because she’s a very driven, very passionate person”. I read the news and friends described Ms Lo as “bubbly”, “bright”, “confident” and “outgoing”.

Then I wondered.

What would friends, ex-classmates or acquaintances have to say about me if I died?

When the reporter pushed the microphone to them, would they open their mouths and find no words coming to them? Found themselves so dumbfounded that they let their jaws hung embarrassingly?

*sigh* That sounds even more tragic than my death. That is if anyone would find my passing tragic and regrettable at all. Fortunately I would already be dead, so I would not have to find a hole to bury my head in shame. My whole body would have been buried deep down underground by then.

Come on, this is not a morbid thought. Anyone would have given a thought to this matter.

You mean you have never? *gasp*