The past two days were our company’s team building session. Usually we will carry it out with our Malaysian counterparts at Malaysia. However to cut costs this year, the two teams will be doing it on their own within their own countries, which is of course very sad for the Singaporean team because there isn’t really much innovative and exciting activities to do on our tiny island and we missed out on an opportunity to travel overseas free of charge.

The first day, we went to SAF Yacht Club to play some bonding games in the morning, followed by a delicious lunch at the restaurant, and experiential sailing in the afternoon!

Those were our yachts. It was an experience of a lifetime, especially for me, because I don’t think that I’ll ever try it again. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable, but the place was too faraway and the sport kind of too expensive for me. I didn’t really like the sun part either. I had a cap and sunscreen on and all I could think of was still, shit, stupid UV rays! pigmentation! freckles! tan lines! However it was really fun and kind of an adrenaline rush zooming forward on the waters, feeling the sea breeze on your skin. There was also tranquility being in the middle of the vast sea, surrounded by nothing but green choppy waters at your feet and clear blue sky above your head.    

My colleague took more photographs of us on our yacht. Maybe I’ll post some when I get my hands on them.

Today we did clay mugs at Clay-Street Pottery Studio at Syed Alwi Road!

Of course I was looking forward to it! What could be more exciting than creation, innovation and getting my hands on craft materials! I didn’t even mind getting my hands and clothes dirty!

We divided into three groups and each group needed to come up with a theme for their mugs. I shall not go into details but this is how my mug looks like: 

Not what I had in mind for my mug initially but we had to settle on a common theme for our team and as part of a team, you cannot stubbornly insist your ideas upon others, even if you think that they are brilliant, so in the end I kept to what our team decided upon but added some of my own creativity to my product. I suppose that’s why artists are loners and cannot work well with people. And that’s why I’m not really an artist.

It’s going to take the studio three weeks to finish the piece, after which the studio will send them to our office. I pray that nothing will break in the process! Maybe I’ll take a photgraph of the final product once it’s ready, and post here.

Tomorrow’s our company family day! We are having buffet lunch at the office, followed by a movie session of Madagascar! What the hell! Where are we going to find time for work?!    

But I’m not complaining haha.