from Jay Brannan (lyrics here)


Why can’t he be a housewife?

The answer lies in the ignorance of some of us.



Sometimes I worry about myself believing too firmly in some things, rooting too deeply for some beliefs, sticking too much to my principles. Having an opinion and one’s own principles are most likely good, but if one sways towards one extreme, one risks being too obstinate and opinionated.

Sometimes it frustrates me when people cannot see or think the way I do, especially when I am clearly right.

Or is that me being opinionated as well?    

I suppose everyone deserves rights to their own opinions. Even if they are wrong. I just don’t really like hearing them.

These days I wonder endlessly when the world will change.

Yes, Obama is the new President, some things will change and some may just never. Just take Proposition 8 for example.

Sometimes it troubles me, sometimes it makes me ponder with concern in the middle of the night as I lie on the bed, but at the end of the day, I suppose it doesn’t matter what people think. I know what I believe firmly in. I will hold onto these. I will fight silently for these. I will not let go even if people think that I look silly.

At the end of the day, all that matters is perhaps simply myself.