My mum has always grumbled about how many clothes I have, how my closet is going to burst with all my clothes, how she can no longer slot in another clothes hanger onto the rack.

On the other hand, just like any other woman, I am constantly complaining about a lack of stuff to wear and that I need to buy new items for my daily wear. Sounds familiar? Well, you are never alone on this one.

Anyway my complaints will of course trigger off her nagging I’ve just mentioned, and I will always defend myself by claiming that I no longer wear half of what are in the closet anymore.

And then she will start to pester me to clear out the closet and dump unwanted items.

“But I’ve no time!” or “Wait till I’m on leave” are popular replies from me.  

Lately, in lieu of my new job, I finally made the effort to go through the closet and take out clothes I no longer would wear or, sadly, fitted no more.

I dumped unwanted items into at least four big bags, out of which three bags had perfectly wearable or brand new clothes and we gave those to the Salvation Army. It took me a whole day.

And my closet is still bursting with clothes.

I still cannot slot in one more clothes hanger.

I have to admit that I do have many clothes when it’s the third week at my new job and I still have not repeated any outfit. I think I can go for at least one more week like this.

Ok, Mum, quit the “I told you so” face. You’re right. I’ve many clothes.

But clothes are never too many.  😛