It’s insane!

I just spent the past 60 minutes trying to complete this test!

Considering that it looks fairly simple and easy, the time I took was disturbingly long! All I had to do was to allocate 32 terms or rather character traits like “organised”, “imaginative” etc into 4 different groups – words that are most descriptive of myself, moderately like me, a bit like me and most unlike me, but it caused me an hour!

Seriously, it was practically impossible to divide the terms into 4 distinct categories! I felt that at least half of the entire group were clearly describing myself! They were mainly either “most descriptive” of myself OR completely “unlike” me. I had to sacrifice a few of them just to make up the two groups in between the two extremes. What a bumper. I suspect that it could be my dissociative identity disorder acting behind the scene, which is why I cannot pinpoint a socially acceptable distinctive character in myself. It is distinctive alright, but in the kind of weird way and there’s nothing remotely conventional about it. I hope my choices won’t make the test any inaccurate (that is if it’s accurate in the first place; or if it’s accurate, it won’t reveal my DID to my new team at such an early stage) or misrepresent myself to my colleagues and boss. Apparently EVERYONE in the company has to complete this and they seem to treat the results pretty seriously. Which means that if you get a negative result, that’s the end of your career – you get condemned for eternity.

Alright, maybe not that serious, but I feel that it does affect how people in the company see you. Personally, I do not fully trust such pyschological tools because there are too many confounding factors and not much science behind them. Unless of course, the results give a glowing review about myself haha.