Darn, it has been such a tiring week. Firstly, the new office is almost an hour and a half away from home. I need to take the train and then the bus. The journey can kill. Seriously. Secondly, because the journey takes a longer time now, I have to wake up earlier and cannot sleep as much as I need/like. To me, that is equivalent to Hell. I need sleep, I want sleep, I like sleep!!! Thirdly, the air-conditioning of the office is so strong and the air is so dry that I almost die from the intense coldness and my eyes almost shrivel up! It was so painful! *sob* Fourthly, there’s so much new to read and learn that it has been a tad stressful, though I am quite sure that it will be easier once my work really starts (now I’m just sitting in the office every day doing online training, or training by the seniors). Fifthly, I have to get to know people from scratch again. Ok, maybe except for Cyn haha. I’m not friendly by nature, and I tend to appear cold and aloof most of the time (actually I am), so the process can be quite a pain in the ass. But fortunately, time will resolve this, and I’m relieved that my new colleagues are mainly friendly and nice.

Talking about the more pleasant aspects, the new office is really nice. Even though the location of the building sucks. And the occupants suck too. Wait, what occupants? There’re only us and two other companies, and our company occupies the entire floor for the moment. It sucks. Everywhere you walk, it’s company people and more company people. Boring. Opps, I’m supposed to talk about the nice stuff.

That day I spotted an eagle and this flock of over twenty white birds (cockatoos? not too sure) in the sky, which is honestly not unusual since it’s the Kent Ridge area where the biodiversity is fairly rich, and I did not have the time to stop in my track and admire the beauty because I did not want to be late for work. For a moment, that really pierced my heart. I want to be able to stop and smell the flowers! Not literally because I don’t really fancy flowers but more of ferns, but you get my drift. *sigh* I am not really complaining about my new job or regretting my decision, but I suppose that I have traded one thing for another and perhaps I simply need time to get used to the new situation. I do like my new job. I feel that there is enormous room for learning and expansion, and plenty of job satisfaction to come in the future. The office is nice, the staff benefits are fantastic and the people are generally nice. You will probably hear me rave about it in the days to come haha!

One thing which I find it slightly saddening is my lack of time to write. Ok, I do mean blogging, but I treat it as a form of writing as well. I do not think that one’s writing will improve unless one often practises. However, that is not my choice to make, so any blogging will have to be saved to the non-workdays. Sadly, any future update to this blog may become a weekly affair.

Which is why you should be prepared for the next few entries to come in a chain. That is if you have not read them yet and go through the entries in the chronological order instead. 🙂