Oh anyway my stupid Samsung SGH-G800 died on me on Tuesday morning, just a day before my contract ended. Okay, strictly speaking, it was the LCD screen who died and just went completely blank. But what use is there of a handphone which can receive calls and messages yet one cannot read messages from?

It drove me completely nuts!

On non-workdays, I am actually pretty perfectly fine without this gadget because I am not expecting any phone call. But at work, I need my bloody handphone! Who knows when my boss will call? What if patients need to reach me? Especially at a time when I was clearing my work and dozens of people were trying to reach me. Besides, I don’t wear a watch. I rely completely on my handphone to tell the time.

Fortunately the complete IT gadget freak i.e. my colleague has two phones and lent me one for the day. Not so fortunately, his handphones are all really expensive, thus multi-functional and totally difficult or should I say impossible for a gadget idiot like me to utilise. He also takes excellent care of all his expensive gadgets and is very mindful of any mishandling. Being the careless and rough girl whom I am, I did not even dare to carry his handphone out of the room. I simply left it there and told them to holler for me should it ring haha. I almost went crazy when my colleagues dragged me to a sale held on the campus and I did not have the handphone with me. I kept worrying about the calls.

Hence that evening, I went off by 7pm to purchase a new set. There is no backup handphone at home because we do not change handphones frequently. Strictly speaking, we only change when the handphone’s really worn out or we lose ours, or in this case, and it is the first in the family, it is spoilt. I was determined to get a Blackberry and ended up with a Nokia E71. Long story cut short, let’s just say that a Blackberry won’t be as practical and I did not want my stubborness to get in the way.

By the way, I totally did not regret my decision! This new handphone is fantastic! Easy to use, great interface, I must say that it is truly an useful business phone. I am relieved that it turned out this way too because I felt that I had spent a considerably obscene amount on this baby as I bought my old Samsung in March this year which meant that I could not buy my new set at a recontracting price! I couldn’t describe how much my heart hurt at this unexpected expenditure. Luckily the decision was not one to regret. I thought the design is lovely too, but my sis doesn’t really like how it looks.


No complaint as yet. I heart my E71!!~