Woohoo! Going to a Halloween party at my colleague’s place later! MY FIRST!!!

Okay, actually I am not that excited because I will only be going with another colleague and there is no one else there whom we know other than the hostess and her boyfriend. It is already beginning to sound boring. (-.-)

However I could not have rejected the invitation as she booked me way back in August! Surely there is no last minute excuse to back out! Unless I have diarrhoea now. However, I’m not sure if I would want to skip the party because I think that it matters a lot to her that we attend. It is also kind of like a pre-wedding get-to-know-each-other party for her friends. She will be throwing her wedding party at the end of next year where she will only be inviting her close friends as she and her hubby-to-be wish for it to be a more intimate affair. As such, she actually will like her friends to know each other first, and she thought that this will be a good opportunity.

Since I could not miss it, I might as well look forward to it. Because the hostess requests that all her guests dress up, my friend is going as a pretty witch and as for myself, make a guess lor.

The answer is….





I am a PIRATE!!!


Pardon my unflattering grey loose tee and my crazy hair. I was at home. What more could you expect. Anyway I got the entire set at, you will never guess this, NTUC!!! I almost didn’t want to dress up for the party because I was too lazy to venture to town to buy the costume. I was at the supermarket when I spotted this entire rack of crazy costumes and masks!! It was so fun browsing through and trying on the stuff. I took some photos of my sis in the insane hats but they were too damaging to her reputation to post them up haha. I totally didn’t expect NTUC to bring in Halloween stuff since Singaporeans do not really celebrate the festival.

I bought the pirate set because it was one of the most complete sets which came with a hat, eye patch and knife and still cost less than ten bucks. It was simply insane. Of course the materials used were nothing expensive or exquisite, but who cares when these are going straight into my cupboard after tonight! The masks were all fantastically grotesque, but I thought they would be too unpleasantly warm to wear for the entire evening. Besides, there will be children at the party. I won’t want to give them nightmares, will I?

Will I? Hmmm. Haha.  

I am just going to don a vest because pirates for some strange reasons do wear vests, right? I think Jack Sparrow wore one filthy one in the Pirates of Caribbean, although mine will be minus the dirt and it is from Zara. Okay, now that I am looking at this image of Jack Sparrow, I am getting a tad worried. I WILL BE LOOKING NOTHING LIKE HIM! Firstly, I can’t possibly be wearing all that layering! This is SINGAPORE for goodness sake! I had thought about wearing a shirt under the vest but today’s weather has just been sizzling, so I quite gave up the idea and am opting for a plain white tee instead. I do not have boots either but since I won’t be walking around in footwear in my friend’s apartment, I suppose it really doesn’t matter. I can probably make my hair as rowdy and dirty-looking, but I am not going to grow that cute little goatie that he kept and hung tiny bells on!! Not in such a short time! And in fact even if you give me a decade, I won’t have all that facial hair for it ( and thank god! )!

Maybe I will pile on the black eyeliner and walk like I am drunk.

That last part will be a lot easier if there is really alcohol to consume in bulk later but somehow I doubt so. My colleague doesn’t seem to be the type who serves alcohol. Perhaps I should bring my own vodka and add into the fruit punch to do my own mix. Hmm.

Anyway here’s the vest. I bought skeleton button plugs from Mini Toons to go with it! So juvenile, I know, but they do go with the pirate theme, don’t they?!

Ain’t they adorable?


And here’s a lovely witch hat I bought for my friend who could get a witch costume but without the hat. Bizarre.

I bought Halloween-inspired chocolates from Cocoa Trees as a small gift for the hostess:

I know that there are Easter eggs and bunnies among the eerie-looking pieces but just ignore them, ok haha?

Okay, it’s almost time to prepare to go to the party. May update if I have photos!