This Saturday morning, I did not have my usual yoga lesson as my instructor had taken off on a long-awaited vacation to India to spend his Deepavali with his family. Instead I woke up even earlier to have breakfast at Bishan Junction 8 Cafe Cartel with my sisters!

(See the menu here)

The first and only time I had breakfast at Cafe Cartel was probably a month ago with Diz at the Hougang Mall. It was most fabulous!!! I kept raving about it to my sisters after that. As it is only available on weekends and public holidays, I thought what a more perfect timing than to go on this Saturday since I would be free!

We had a great time and a most hearty breakfast. I actually had the same french toast set haha. I can’t help it since I’m not exactly a fan of pancakes, waffles or croissants. French toast seems like the only viable option, and I must say that I enjoyed it thoroughly once again. A yummy Western breakfast like this, complete with English tea, always makes a fantastic start to my day!

Since I was the one who suggested the venue, and because they woke up bright and early for it, and we even had to take a 10-minute bus ride, it was my utmost priority that my sisters loved the food. When asked, my sisters beamed and replied, “Yeah it’s good and even better because it’s FREE!!!”

My greedy sisters. Never to complain as long as it is out of my own pocket and not theirs.