Have you ever heard of people who never win anything even if they take part in lucky draws every day, never strike anything when they buy 4D or/and Toto weekly, always lose money on the mahjong table or any other form of gambling, and basically have not much luck of any sort?

Well, that would be me.

Though not that I participate in lucky draws all the time or gamble with money in any way. I never try my luck in lucky draws and I do not squander my hard-earned cash in gambling whether it is 4D, Toto or mahjong. In fact, I doubt that I will be making our new casinos a visit when they finally open for business. It is unfortunately not because I do not care for the money. I am not a holy saint. For money, it’s definitely the more the merrier as long as I gain it through legitimate methods. I would consider legalised gambling like 4D, Toto and horse racing as legitimate, but the habit of gambling itself is addictive and absolutely unhealthy, not one which I would ever want to be attached to.

The truth is however that I realise that I do not have luck in any activity that requires the chance factor. I’ve always read on the news of normal citizens picking up unidentified bags containing tens of thousands of solid cash and expressed total disbelief at their luck. And their stupidity of returning the money to the police. Just kidding! Anyway in my 25 years of life, I have only found ONE measly $5 note on the ground ONCE. It’s kind of pathetic. I am definitely not what you would call a lucky girl. I did not even have examination luck in my 16 years of schooling. Classmates could successfully pin-point topics and questions which would subsequently appear in the examination papers. I could do the opposite pretty well – everything I picked would never come up. Even in my second life, or after hundreds of rounds of reincarnation, I think. I had to study my textbooks or lecture notes from the first to last page, and every single mark I got was my hard work. I could probably send in a thousand lucky draw coupons every day or buy hundreds of number combinations every week and I still would not win anything. Mathematics has always been one of my best subjects in school and I understand that the probability of the wind on my side in these cases would be next to impossible. Of course, there is always the chance. But while waiting for that unlikely but possible event to happen, I could have spent hours of precious and unretrievable time and tons of money. Why waste these when I could have earned my money through other means?

My mum taught me since young that there was no free lunch in the world. I will have to earn every single thing which I want, which is fine by me because if I really desire something, I know that I can get it if I work for it. If I have tried my best and still do not succeed in my endeavour, that’s really alright too because there is truly nothing in this world which we must really have in our possessions. Adding to my lack of luck in any activity which can get me bucks and bucks of money without working hard for it, I firmly believe that it is written in my destiny that I have to work hard for what I want, and it has also become my second nature to be skeptical of any easy deal. By this time in my life, I will not have it any other way as well. I want to earn my own dough. Yes, I’m a self-declared feminist as well and I reek of alpha femaleness but that’s a subject for another day.

While it may seem to others that I do not have much luck, I am actually super fortunate. For anything that I do not have much choice in, I actually get the best. I have the most close-knit family who forms each other’s support. I have the kindest and most positive friends who share the same values, visions and interests and care about me. I have relatives who gave us much needed help in dire straits, and neighbours who treat my family like their own kin. I think that I live in one of the loveliest, most convenient and accessible neighbourhoods, and I definitely went to some of the nicest schools where I have some of my best memories in life. In school, some of my teachers were the best a student could ever have – they not only enriched us academically and intellectually, they also inspired me in areas beyond the textbook and earned my utmost respect. While I had the best of my time in school, when I stepped into the working society in my first job, I have also gotten one of the most understanding and supportive bosses a subordinate can have.

The funny thing is that you may not even give a hoot for what I owe. You may deem them insignificant or near to worthless. Maybe if you were to live my life for a day, you might find it no better than a day in the slums or with Satan in Hell. Does that tickle your curiosity wondering whether I am as blessed as I seem to be? The truth is that I do not always feel this way, hence when I do, I wish to indulge the goodness of it all. Likewise when I am plagued with melancholy and feeling the blues, I also wallow in the misery and pain. Because to be able to feel is a form of blessing in itself. Back to my point, I was watching a local TV drama series a few nights ago and part of a dialogue said that Man is not as blessed or not blessed as he thinks he is. Ahhhh, how true that is. Ponder upon it.

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