Ok, I really need to start working my ass off in about five minutes’ time but since I have not been blogging for almost an entire week, I figure that I owe my blog a brief update.

The reason why I have been so occupied?

I have gotten a new job!


The bad news is that I have less than a month to clear all my work, finish the research study, move all documents to an appropriate storage area, hand over everything to my boss and basically everything else to ensure that my boss can still manage with me gone for good. I really wish to settle everything before I leave because firstly, I am not the type who just shrugs off all responsibilities after quitting; and secondly, my boss has been so supportive and encouraging that I truly hope to do whatever I can for her while I am still at my current job.

My boss is the most superb woman, doctor and superior I have ever met. It was hard to break the news to her because I was not exactly sure how she would react due to the fact that I was her only research assistant and help that she has. I have practically been doing everything for her, except seeing the patients, going to meetings and giving talks! I thought she would try to persuade me. Instead she was truly happy for me! How cool is that! She could fully understand the reasons why I have to leave as she felt that these were the exact reasons she quitted the institute in the first place to pursue a career in the private practice. She gave me advice, told me encouraging words and even praised me for the two years of work. She said that it would be a loss to the department and herself but she felt that she was in no position to say no.

Have I ever said what a fantastic woman my boss is?! I love her to bits. And truly respect her tremendously.

I have been relating my boss’ positive response to my colleagues and they were surprised to find out that she is such a nice person. Their less than satisfactory opinions about her sadly stems from the lack of interaction between my boss and her other staff, and also thanks to the gossip mongers who make up malicious lies about my boss out of jealousy because she is highly recognised for her outstanding performance at such a young age. However, I have been putting in plenty of nice, and sincerely genuine, words about her in front of my colleagues and thankfully, their opinions of her have been improving gradually. I think this last incident has successfully sealed the deal! I am so glad that I can do this for my boss before I leave.

There is still a lot to be told but I honestly need to get back to work. I shall save it for next time!