of one absolutely screwed up night which I half hoped that it never happened (but it damn well did), never wanted to be reminded of anymore (except for the funny bits) and, as a matter of fact, did not have much memory of in the first place (which was why I needed reminders from the girls).

Haha you thought I was going to wind up my blog, didn’t you?

Well, I am not going to.

Anyway I did have a hangover yesterday except that the effects set in gradually as the day wore by. No suicidal headache though, bless myself, but by afternoon, there was still this persistent urge to vomit now and then which fortunately did not triumph and mutilate my already mangled dignity. I felt kind of giddy like I was still drunk, to which my sister concluded by 2pm that I still was. My fucking stomach felt queasy for the entire day like it had been downing vodka while being vacant of food. Wait..it did. No wonder! Mystery solved! I was a complete jackass! And it still feels fucking queasy no matter what I eat.

I am officially compelled to be allergic to alcohol. Cyn gave me this totally adorable birthday card (thanks babe!) which said “shopping” and “drinking” on the cover, words that really fitted me to a T on normal days, but I felt like puking just at the word “drinking”. Opps, here comes the urge again! I could hardly walk past the wine alley at the supermarket yesterday and I shudder at the thought of having to finish the 1.25 bottles of vodka I still have left at the club. (-.-) 

And today as we girls were all emailing each other as per usual, they were telling me things I did but could not fucking recall! Gosh, was I astonished! I know that I was drunk, puked plenty, made a mess of myself and my friends, had to have them take care of me, lost my cuff, dropped my handphone which Diz picked up for me, but I SWORE I NEVER hugged and kissed some of them (I only remember one particular Serene when she left early, and perhaps I most likely assaulted Diz as well as per normal) before proceeding to pick ice cubes out of the bucket and throw at everyone!

LOL, though it sounded perfectly like what I would do. I am a perverted drunkard  who is also immature and childish in disguise. Ok, I do recall throwing one or two ice cubes at the crowd on the dancefloor. What’s so strange anyway? I have thrown bigger items like light sticks at innocent people who were too far away to know who hit them after they realised what hit them and therefore I would be completely safe after commiting my utterly childish, unproductive and meaningless acts.

I have just received latest news that I had not just thrown ice cubes that night. I am just so relieved that I had not thrown myself at any poor guy.