You know that Mother Nature loves me to death when it had been hot and dry for the entire of this week and it rained like nobody’s business this morning on my birthday.

No seriously, I like rain, remember?

The morning was nice and cool, and I had a wonderful breakfast at the beautiful outdoor area of McDonald’s at AMK Park with my baby sister who not only did not have lessons on Fridays, but also celebrates her lunar birthday this very day. I know, what lunar birthday? I don’t even know when mine is! But for a family who doesn’t care much about birthdays, we miraculously managed to raise a little sister who places as much emphasis on hers as any other typical girl. I believe that is because we spoil her crazy and her birthday is the excellent occasion to demand any present of her desire from us. Fortunately, she also somehow turned out to be a lovely girl with the biggest heart and best manners. Not forgetting brains, even though we constantly joke about the lack of any.

Happy Lunar Birthday, sis 🙂