It was raining cats and dogs last night.

And I walked home in the rain from the bus stop to my home after the weekly CardioMix session, with my Nike cap keeping my face and hair dry while my other Nike apparels just getting wetter. I wouldn’t even start on my shoes. It felt like I was wearing two buckets on my feet and they were brimming with water.

But it felt so rejuvenating and relaxing. There was something therapeutic about walking alone in the rain at night when it was dark and deserted, feeling the cold raindrops on your skin and not giving a shit about anything in the world.

I reached home and having wiped myself dry with the towel in the lift, didn’t look really wet. I stepped into the apartment and my sister exclaimed, “You didn’t carry an umbrella?” To which I confessed that I did and it was in my bag but I didn’t use it. “I walked home in the rain.” My sister(s) or mum or all three of them, I can’t remember, asked, “Why??!”

“Because it’s fun!!!!”

My dad chuckled while my mum just smiled and shook her head in mock despair at me. My sister laughed and called me a 三八婆.  

And I felt very good for the rest of the night.