September 2008

LOL! I didn’t know that a hospital can have THAT much fun!

Or alcohol for a matter of fact!

Rules & regulations of the challenge stated that:

  • Team members must be 21 years old on the day of the challenge.
  • Each team will sing their signature drinking song before the beer chugging challenge.
  • Each member of the team will drink a half yard of beer or equivalent.
  • Teams will be judged for their teamwork, song, time taken for the slowest member to finish drinking, spillage during drinking, as well as the ability to keep in the drink.

Unexpectedly interesting, isn’t it?

Even though I don’t know what the heck a signature drinking song is! Yam seng??? Cheers?? But these aren’t even tunes!

I don’t have a song, or need one. I just gulp gulp gulp and everyone will gasp, “girl, where’s your drink?!”


Ok, that’s not even proper Engrish. I didn’t know our Singlish is so much alike hip hop language haha.

Nelly featuring Fergie on “Party People”. Definitely one of the hottest songs in the club now.

It’s 3pm and I’m having the first break of my day other than lunch, which is really rare as compared to the good old days when I was practically slacking around for the entire day. I’m not free now because I have finished all my work. I’m kind of forced to take a break as all the resources which I need are currently utilised by other colleagues! I’m considering starting my future workdays later and work until after everyone else has gone home so that I can have all the archives and computers to myself, which will be more efficient and less time wasting for me, I suppose. However, leaving the office after 8pm is not exactly a pleasing thought.

Anyway this morning, the entire unit was informed of my pending departure, all thanks to the slightly annoying manager who announced it during their meeting. Yes, I am kind of pissed because I had wanted to tell everyone myself, especially the colleagues whom I am closer to. I did not tell that woman by the way. It was my boss who told the manager last Thursday as she probably thought that I had already done so (since she started by saying, “As you know, she is not staying…”) and we needed the manager’s help to expedite the unfinished work, hence she would need to know the reason behind the urgency. Therefore this morning as she was delegating the work to the other staff, she informed them of my situation, which doubtlessly led to an interrogation at the end of the meeting – me versus everyone else who cared enough to ask a few questions.

While I tried not to reveal the identity of my new employer, everyone made the correct guess upon the first attempt. I thought it was kind of freaky, but everyone said that it’s the first company they thought of as it is the largest in the industry. I guess I could treat that as a form of compliment. Since I couldn’t lie, although I can and excel at that too, without batting an eye, but I try not to, I admitted to it. So, damn, now everyone in the unit knows where I will be going off to in a month’s time. On the other hand, they are all so truly happy for me that I feel very blessed.

With the current economic depression going around the globe, I suppose that some will consider it a pretty unadvisable move to switch from the public sector where everything is steady as a rock to the private sector where nothing is for sure. However, someone whom I am very fond of and greatly look up to once said that life is not worth living if you don’t take risks. Besides, who will be in a more appropriate position to take risks than I myself who have no commitment at all. I have practically nothing to risk in the first place and no one to support except for myself. Thankfully, my parents are supportive as usual.

This is a risk which I would not have thought twice to give it a shot. This is the only one company which I have always wanted to go into and this is the job which I have always wanted to take up. The current job has been a mere career stepping stone right from the start, even though it has turned out to be a lot more meaningful than expected. In fact, it has been quite fulfilling and I’ve slipped into such a comfortable zone that when the company asked me to go for an interview, I was reluctant to. Fortunately, the HR executive was persistent and I thought why not to give it a try and sharpen up my interview skills at the same time. I didn’t even think that I shone at the interview because part of me didn’t really wish to get the job as I found it hard to abandon my team.

Hence I was truly surprised when I was offered the job eventually. Sometimes it appears that the less you want something, the more it will come to you. I also like to think that I have been prepared in ways such that I hadn’t let Opportunity have the chance to leave a post-it note on my door that said, “Knocked, but you weren’t in.” Of course, Lady Luck played a part too and sprinkled some luck dust on my head at 9am that fateful morning when I was due for the interview and the interviewers looked like they just climbed out of bed semi-asleep. I may be narcissistic occasionally, like how I think I will be brilliant at this new job haha, but I have come to accept that skills, diligence or intelligence, or everything combined, may still be insufficient to get what you want as hard as you may try. Sometimes luck is undeniably important.

Yet I never thought that this day would come. Except in one of my wildest dreams, and today this dream has come to life. 😉

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name
– Fort Minor “Remember the Name”

Ok, I really need to start working my ass off in about five minutes’ time but since I have not been blogging for almost an entire week, I figure that I owe my blog a brief update.

The reason why I have been so occupied?

I have gotten a new job!


The bad news is that I have less than a month to clear all my work, finish the research study, move all documents to an appropriate storage area, hand over everything to my boss and basically everything else to ensure that my boss can still manage with me gone for good. I really wish to settle everything before I leave because firstly, I am not the type who just shrugs off all responsibilities after quitting; and secondly, my boss has been so supportive and encouraging that I truly hope to do whatever I can for her while I am still at my current job.

My boss is the most superb woman, doctor and superior I have ever met. It was hard to break the news to her because I was not exactly sure how she would react due to the fact that I was her only research assistant and help that she has. I have practically been doing everything for her, except seeing the patients, going to meetings and giving talks! I thought she would try to persuade me. Instead she was truly happy for me! How cool is that! She could fully understand the reasons why I have to leave as she felt that these were the exact reasons she quitted the institute in the first place to pursue a career in the private practice. She gave me advice, told me encouraging words and even praised me for the two years of work. She said that it would be a loss to the department and herself but she felt that she was in no position to say no.

Have I ever said what a fantastic woman my boss is?! I love her to bits. And truly respect her tremendously.

I have been relating my boss’ positive response to my colleagues and they were surprised to find out that she is such a nice person. Their less than satisfactory opinions about her sadly stems from the lack of interaction between my boss and her other staff, and also thanks to the gossip mongers who make up malicious lies about my boss out of jealousy because she is highly recognised for her outstanding performance at such a young age. However, I have been putting in plenty of nice, and sincerely genuine, words about her in front of my colleagues and thankfully, their opinions of her have been improving gradually. I think this last incident has successfully sealed the deal! I am so glad that I can do this for my boss before I leave.

There is still a lot to be told but I honestly need to get back to work. I shall save it for next time!

of one absolutely screwed up night which I half hoped that it never happened (but it damn well did), never wanted to be reminded of anymore (except for the funny bits) and, as a matter of fact, did not have much memory of in the first place (which was why I needed reminders from the girls).

Haha you thought I was going to wind up my blog, didn’t you?

Well, I am not going to.

Anyway I did have a hangover yesterday except that the effects set in gradually as the day wore by. No suicidal headache though, bless myself, but by afternoon, there was still this persistent urge to vomit now and then which fortunately did not triumph and mutilate my already mangled dignity. I felt kind of giddy like I was still drunk, to which my sister concluded by 2pm that I still was. My fucking stomach felt queasy for the entire day like it had been downing vodka while being vacant of food. did. No wonder! Mystery solved! I was a complete jackass! And it still feels fucking queasy no matter what I eat.

I am officially compelled to be allergic to alcohol. Cyn gave me this totally adorable birthday card (thanks babe!) which said “shopping” and “drinking” on the cover, words that really fitted me to a T on normal days, but I felt like puking just at the word “drinking”. Opps, here comes the urge again! I could hardly walk past the wine alley at the supermarket yesterday and I shudder at the thought of having to finish the 1.25 bottles of vodka I still have left at the club. (-.-) 

And today as we girls were all emailing each other as per usual, they were telling me things I did but could not fucking recall! Gosh, was I astonished! I know that I was drunk, puked plenty, made a mess of myself and my friends, had to have them take care of me, lost my cuff, dropped my handphone which Diz picked up for me, but I SWORE I NEVER hugged and kissed some of them (I only remember one particular Serene when she left early, and perhaps I most likely assaulted Diz as well as per normal) before proceeding to pick ice cubes out of the bucket and throw at everyone!

LOL, though it sounded perfectly like what I would do. I am a perverted drunkard  who is also immature and childish in disguise. Ok, I do recall throwing one or two ice cubes at the crowd on the dancefloor. What’s so strange anyway? I have thrown bigger items like light sticks at innocent people who were too far away to know who hit them after they realised what hit them and therefore I would be completely safe after commiting my utterly childish, unproductive and meaningless acts.

I have just received latest news that I had not just thrown ice cubes that night. I am just so relieved that I had not thrown myself at any poor guy.

(ok make that just four hours) and some lethal Belvedere vodka, I had come to learn ten of the greatest lessons in my life:

1) Who the fuck said that getting drunk was fun was damn wrong. Although I did accuse Diz of telling me that and she denied. Might be the alcohol messing my mind up. Except that unfortunately it wasn’t the only thing it messed up.

2) Thou shalt eat the damn potato wedges when told. Because drinking on an almost empty stomach can lead to a not-so-fun event called puking.

3) Thou cannot choose when you want to puke. Or know how much you still have to puke. Or where you are going to puke. Right on the table, in the toilet, into a jug or at a drain.

4) It is not fun for your friends when you puke and they have to take care of you.

5) It is not possible to enjoy the music when one is drunk. Or even stand on the feet to dance for the matter of fact.

6) Thou need not dress up when thou intend to puke and look like a mess at the end of the night.  

7) It is not wise to wear a beautiful gold cuff friends just bought you for your birthday and lose it in the club in the middle of dancing. And it is unable to find no matter how everyone searches.

8 ) Sitting on a cab when drunk is one of the most potent puke-inducing experiences ever.

9) One of the best ways to keep yourself from puking in the cab is to distract yourself by calculating complicated mathematical multiplications in your head.

10) Thou shalt sleep till mid afternoon after coming home to bed after 3am because that is what thou always do, instead of waking up bright-eyed and alert (and thank Ghandi – because I feel like doing so today – for no hangover!) at 10am because no one in the family would believe their eyes.

Quote Mum: Are you really awake or are you going back to bed?
Quote Dad (to my sister when he saw my deserted bed): What? She is awake?
Quote Sis: I thought you wouldn’t wake up before 12pm.

It was almost as if they saw a pig walking on its hind legs.

Wait, they did. That was me.

You know that Mother Nature loves me to death when it had been hot and dry for the entire of this week and it rained like nobody’s business this morning on my birthday.

No seriously, I like rain, remember?

The morning was nice and cool, and I had a wonderful breakfast at the beautiful outdoor area of McDonald’s at AMK Park with my baby sister who not only did not have lessons on Fridays, but also celebrates her lunar birthday this very day. I know, what lunar birthday? I don’t even know when mine is! But for a family who doesn’t care much about birthdays, we miraculously managed to raise a little sister who places as much emphasis on hers as any other typical girl. I believe that is because we spoil her crazy and her birthday is the excellent occasion to demand any present of her desire from us. Fortunately, she also somehow turned out to be a lovely girl with the biggest heart and best manners. Not forgetting brains, even though we constantly joke about the lack of any.

Happy Lunar Birthday, sis 🙂

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