I was thinking if I should blog about this, mainly because the photos I took looked like crap haha. But I thought, what the hell, my blog ain’t a foodie one and this ain’t going to be some food/restaurant review anyway. It was just a warm night out with the girls.

We went to Acacia at Bishan Park for dinner, a mini birthday celebration for two of us. It is one of the cluster of restaurants in the park, located just beside the Aramsa Spa. Interestingly, the restaurant is within walking distance from my place but I didn’t know that. Instead we all met up at Bishan MRT first, presumably because Bishan Park should be at Bishan, even though I did bring up that the park is also somewhere right behind my block. We ended up taking a bus and stopping halfway before embarking on a 15-minute walk to the restaurant. Which is right opposite my neighbourhood and Mrs Tan’s block (we live very near to each other, together with YY).

But the walk in the park, on wet, poorly lit up bicycle paths right after a day’s rain, turned out to be a mixture of torture and fun. A torture because we were all tired after a day’s work and our feet were aching after hours in our heels. Fun because it was darn dark and it was still the Hungry Ghosts’ Festival. We were joking about wandering ghosts, sharing pseudo-ghostly encounters, warning about stepping on the poor snails and listening to the invisible bull frogs make their ruckus in the otherwise dead silent park. Basically talking about anything under the moon. Only I wasn’t sure if there was one that night. Anyway life can only be as good as you allow it to be. The simple beauties in life can only be so if you see them to be. Which is why an uneventful walk in the park could be enjoyable only if we let it be.

Anyway Acacia is pretty small but the ambience is cozy and comfortable, especially after a day of seemingly gloomy rain. They can sit guests from couples to groups of more than 10, but I think it’s better to make reservations on Friday nights and weekends. The menu is rather limited as they only have less than 10 main courses. They probably have more desserts! They also have a vast range of wines as they have their own wine cellar at one side of the restaurant.

All six of us tried the steak, the fish and the lobster linguini. I had the Australian beef topped with some kind of mushroom sauce and a side dish of yummy mashed potato. I love beef, much to the disgust of my environmentalist sister. If I can have it for every meal, I may, but the fact is that I can’t afford it. I can’t even remember the last time I had a steak prior to this meal. Anyway I order a medium rare and the steak turned out to be perfect! It was so chewy! The smooth mashed potato was a perfect match as well.  

I didn’t try the linguini because I don’t eat pasta at all. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I’m actually not much of a food person. Other than beef, what I truly like is only Asian food, especially anything hot and spicy, and I only bother to eat when I am hungry. Or very happy. Or very stressed. Hence I’m not the type who finds it exciting to check out new restaurants or travel all over the island scouring for so-called good food. I think most of the food stalls at AMK Town Central serve absolutely delicious food, so why waste my time and money going to the other end of the island to have some nasi lemak or prata which I can have right at my doorstep?

Thank goodness, we also decided to have a bottle of yummy champagne. Champagne, because those having beef should actually have red wine to go with the red meat, and white wine for the rest, but there was no way we could ever finish two bottles, so we thought, heck the rules and just get a damn bottle of champagne which would taste much better anyway!

The alcohol had most of us giddy and even crazier as the night rolled by. These girls really can’t drink! After a glass, those who get rashes from alcohol were popping these by full force and the rest were just blabbering nonsense. Me? I was alright until they subsequently realised that I used the men’s washroom. Well, it wasn’t on purpose, okay. Most of such restaurants have unisexual toilets, thus I just assumed so and went into the first empty one which I saw. By the way, I was on my own. When I came back and Qian had to go, I gave her the directions and told her that it was unisexual. She came back and exclaimed that there were two separate washrooms which had signs on them. I said that it couldn’t be and another two girls went to check. I even asked them to take a photo of the ladies’ sign, which they did. They couldn’t believe that I missed out the ladies’ and men’s signs completely. I firmly believed that they just happened to land on my blind spot. Anyway no one caught me, so I didn’t make a fool of myself.

Anyway, enough of the joke which fell on me. Back to the food. We had desserts after our main courses. Surprise! Or not. It’s like a must-follow rule for girls to have desserts to end the meal. In fact, some girls are looking forward to their desserts and deciding what to have for that even before ordering the main course. I swear some of them get through their main course just to get to the dessert. That’s right, I ain’t much of a dessert person either. Sure, I like the occasional cheesecake and I totally dig my vanilla/cooke & cream/strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, but I think it’s a tad too insane to stuff more down your throat after you’ve already eaten your full. However, if my girls want desserts, I’m perfectly fine with it and we get desserts.  

Here are our strawberry shortcake and blackforest cake respectively: 

Fancy arrangements, weren’t they? Anyway they have a pretty good range of cakes. Check out the counter at the back and that’s the open kitchen right at the back behind the counter. Yeah, you can watch the chef whip up the dishes.

If you think that the night ended for us here, you are way wrong. Four of us ended up at Mrs Tan’s place for some rounds of mahjong until almost 3am before she kindly sent us home in her brand new, darn suave Mazda RX8.

Pardon the very shaky hands. Try having a long day at work, followed by a hearty dinner, some sleep-inducing champagne and rounds of mahjong when you should really be lying on your bed catching some zzz. But yeah, it was one hell of a fun night which I definitely won’t mind repeating.