So much stuff to blog about and yet so little time. I like to be busy and yet at the same time loathe not having the time to do more writing, amongst other activities which I enjoy. These days, I realise that I am full of contradictions.

Work has not been overwhelming but it is enough to keep my fingers off the keyboard typing a blog entry. There might be a turning point coming soon, an opportunity of a lifetime, a change in my life at a quarter of a century. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and at the same time, trying not to keep my hopes too high up because if it doesn’t turn out the way I am hoping for, that will be one fucking hell of a fall into the abyss of disappointment. Let’s see how things go.  

And I am not going to say what I am going to blog about when I have more time on my hands because if you have noticed, I have almost never managed to write anything on whatever I have mentioned. It’s almost like a jinx or something sinister.

On a lighter note, with credits to my pirate colleagues, I am currently, or should I say finally, watching “Sex and the City”. And man, am I hooked.

Ok, back to work.