I am a cat person.

Sure, I like dogs too since I am quite the animal lover. I like puppies and interestingly, the larger breeds like the husky, the golden retriever, the collie and oh, the chow chow. What a name for a dog. Sounds like it will need lots of bath.

But I waaaaayyyyyy prefer cats. Why? Because they don’t jump onto you, trying to make you fall, bang your head and die, don’t lick you all over, don’t give a shit about you, cannot remember your name or your face for the matter of fact, will never come when you call them (unless they are hungry and you happen to be carrying a can of cat food), and don’t expect too much attention from you.

Resident cat of AMK town central. Ain't she adorable?

Just like how I like my men anyway. And I mean only for the last point. I cannot take anything or anyone who demands too much of my attention and time.

It is intriguing how we can always infer plenty of meaning from otherwise meaningless affairs.