You know I will adore my colleagues when:

1. They are no prudes and do not hesitate to cuss and swear.

2. They love shopping, read fashion magazines, know the labels and swipe their credit cards like lunatics (make my bill look like peanuts – but not by Durai’s standards). Better still, they buy much more shoes, bags and clothes than me to make me feel a lot less guilty.

3. They are online shopping experts. They are my best guide.

4. They are also IT gadget freaks and experts. They are my only guide.

5. Their hunk radar is as sharp as mine, with the ability to spot a cutie within a 20m-radius.

6. They have a complete Hunkipedia of the hospital. When one of us talks about a particular cutie seen while on our own on the campus, the rest are quick to realise which one she is refering to even though we weren’t there to see the dude for ourselves. Afterall, this place has a very limited number of cuties.

7. They drink. And I don’t just mean tea.

8. They work when they are supposed to and have fun when there is no work.

9. We listen to the same songs! Okay, they are more on the rock side, but at least they sing in the same language.

10. We all don’t like their supervisor much.