Like the thousands of fellow Singaporeans all over our tiny island, I caught our National table tennis team clinch the silver medal, our country’s second Olympics medal since 48 years ago, on the national live telecast last evening.

Personally, I don’t think there was much pressure for them to win the Chinese team and get the gold. They should know that we didn’t expect them to. It was not that they weren’t outstanding. They are brilliant but the Chinese team is afterall world’s Number One. They lost, but not without a fight and it was good enough. We can’t be any prouder of them. I thought it was nice to see both the Singaporean and Chinese teams play with smiles on their faces from time to time. It really seemed like they were enjoying the competition.  

I like our new player, 21-year-old Feng Tianwei. I thought she was so cool and I liked the way she played. I say, move over, Li Jiawei.

If I am lesbian, I would have liked her. Seriously.

On the other hand, Diz mentioned something interesting about Michael Phelps: If he was a country himself, he would have been Number Four on the Olympics overall medal ranking together with Germany. Now, that’s food for thought. Maybe Phelps should buy some tiny island(s) on the Pacific Ocean, name it, say, The Phelps Island(s) or the Islands of Phelps, and represent it for the next Olympics London 2012. He would be the only country who sends their own Prime Minister for the Games.