MM Lee’s view on the Formula One during his speech at the Tanjong Pagar 43rd National Day Celebration Dinner last night was so humourous.

Quoted directly from TODAYonline:


As a mentor and adviser to the younger policymakers, he cited how he backed Singapore’s hosting of the Formula One in September, even though he himself was not a fan. “We cannot stay still. The world has changed — there’s a jetset that travels all over the world because they are interested in the Formula One races.”

“Why? I don’t know. I find very little excitement in it. They wheel around and around, and it’s over. And there’s an accident — so what? But I’m told there is tremendous excitement in the way you get the cars, the way you change wheels, the way you drive, and so on,” he said, drawing chuckles from the audience.


Have I ever said how much I love da man?