I like where I stay.

I can walk on the nearly deserted (because AMK central is never really totally deserted) streets in the middle of the night all by myself, enjoying the cool crisp air of nightfall, the darkness looming when the sun’s gone, and the serenity when almost everyone else is drifting to their respective dreamlands. I can appreciate all these without having to fear being mobbed, harassed or raped. Not that I actually have anything to rob or to be taken advantage of, but you get my point.

Security is what we citizens take for granted, which results in what our government loathes the most, complacency, and that may ultimately destroy everything we’ve built. But one will know that no woman, in the sane state of mind, will walk on the empty streets alone late at night in other countries. Unless, of course, you are a hooker. Our government has fought hard to make the streets safe for everyone and I appreciate it. I like night-time and I won’t be able to take my time to bask in the luxury if I have not known that I will be safe. I was amazed when I met two patrolling police cars separately on my five-minute walk home from the mall last night. It’s nice to know that our men are making sure that everything is okay on the streets. Especially if they are tall well-built hunks in uniforms who will rush to my rescue when I need it. I wouldn’t know though. I didn’t peek into the cars.

That was my thought when I walked home from the mall after 150 minutes well spent with one very tough, hunky dude with a deep sexy voice and in a uniform (I guess you can call it that). Yeah, I finally watched “The Dark Knight”. I have to watch it. I’m addicted to all movies spun off from comics. You name it, I’ve probably watched it. Okay, maybe except the gigantic Ben Affleck flop “Daredevil” and the wifey flop of Jennifer Garner’s “Elektra”. You will really have to dare me for me to watch these.  

Heath Ledger as the Joker was breathtaking.

When I looked at the Joker on the screen, I did not see Heath Ledger. Or Ennis Twist. Or Jack Nicholson’s 1989 Joker. I saw the psychopath I have always known from my early exposure to Batman in the cartoons, everything that I have ever imagined. Heath Ledger’s Joker was so freaking scary that everytime he made an appearance, I involuntarily shrank into my seat. Whenever he took out his knife, I cringed. When he put the knife to the mouth of his victim, I automatically covered my face with my hands. When he did slice the mouth of one mafia leader open, I looked away. Even his eerie laughter made me flinch.

Heath Ledger was one legendary actor. He completely stole the show. Christian Bale who? I hope that Heath Ledger can win an Oscar for this role. It’ll be in great memory of him. I am sad that we will never be able to catch any more outstanding performance from him anymore. Except of course his last work, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Production of the film was initially disrupted following the death of Heath Ledger but subsequently Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law were cast to replace Heath Ledger, portraying transformed versions of Ledger’s character while traveling through a magical realm. I can’t wait to catch this.


Why so serious?

I’m going to be scared of this line for a very long time.

P.S Oh, at the end of the movie when Batman asked Gordon to put the lives of the innocent taken by Harvey Dent to his account, so as not to let the Joker’s scheme succeed, all I could hear in my head was “You can put the blame on me (x4)” (because the chorus of Akon’s “Sorry, blame it on me” really simply consists of one line). Of course all the movie played was some exciting music sounding like the tune of “Mission Impossible” but I thought the Akon song was more apt.