I thought the carnival was supposed to start at 830am but no one told me that the mcee would start his crap at 630am! He woke me up with a damn energetic and loud “GOOD MORNING, SINGAPORE!!!!!!!” and I was thinking, what the fuck, good morning your bloody head, before remembering that it was National Day today and definitely a joyous day to be, not a day to get mad first thing in the morning. I got out of bed happily and chuckled to myself as the DJ started playing those oh-so-familiar national songs like “Stand up for Singapore”, “Count on me, Singapore” and my personal favourite “We are Singapore”. It’s insane to ask fellow Singaporeans to stand up for their nation so damn early in the morning when all they want to do is to sleep in on a weekend!

My bedroom which I share with the frugal sister is the nearest to the field, so only the two of us were awoken up the ruckus except that my sister was still trying hard to fall back to sleep. I went in to check on her half an hour later, amazed that she could actually sleep through “Stand up for Singapore” when she suddenly opened her eyes, stretched her arms and legs out straight while lying on the bed and groaned albeit amused, “Stand up for Singapore!!!”, before mumbling some nonsense and rolling on her side to sleep once again. It was so funny. I just laughed like mad.

My baby sister’s bedroom is the furthest from the field, so you practically can’t hear much from there. Besides, she sleeps like a log. I went in and woke her up by singing to “Count on me, Singapore”. She threatened to box me. I left her bedroom chuckling away. My mum was soon awoken by the noise which has really grown by the minute and popped into the baby’s bedroom, singing “Stand up for Singapore”. My mum left her bedroom chuckling away. My sister gave up and climbed out of bed with a big smile on her face.  

This is a great start to a significant day in Singapore’s history.