I spent the time lazing on our couch and…

…making my mum run a couple of errands for me, like fetching a cup of tea and peeling an orange for me to eat. Before you misunderstand me as a overgrown spoilt child, I don’t always do this but sometimes it can actually be a form of bonding between the child and the parent by pouting and whining at your parent just like you were five. My parents are very loving to their children, so no, I’m not deprived of care and attention from them, but when you grow up, your parents will definitely more or less expect you to be independent and get everything done by yourself. Which I seriously do, but sometimes it’s very fun to get fussed over by your parents like a little kid again. I always plead with a very loud, whiny and persistent “pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee” , coupled with hands held at the front in a praying manner, which works almost everytime, depending on my mum’s mood. Most of the time, she will chide me off lightly, saying that I should be the one doing it for her instead of the other way round, and still fetches me that cup of tea or the fruit. In reality, she simply finds it very amusing. I guess sometimes she will also reminisce the days when we were still young. After she does me the favour, I’ll reward her with dramatic praises like “Mummies are the best!” or “You are the BEST mummy in the world!” haha. Works every time. I mean what I say anyway.     

…piling useless stuff on my mummy as she falls asleep on the armchair in front of the TV. It’s fun to see how much you can put on her body before she wakes up, realises and throws everything back at you in mock anger. Last night, I managed a piece of waste paper balancing on her head and a Ferrero Rocher wrapper on her chest before my sisters’ muffled laughter woke her up.

…laughing at my baby sister. I know, that sounds so mean, but you should have seen my sister. That lady tickles me to the bones every time when I just look at her! She’s just so comical and cute from her nose to her toes without needing to try very hard. Bless her. Last night, she was sitting on the cold floor devouring some chikus which our dad bought and it suddenly struck me how much she resembled one of those Hamadryas baboons in the zoo! Seriously! If you have been to the zoo and seen one of those primates sitting on the ground eating their staple diet, grass, that was how my sister looked like! Complete with similar mouth movements! HAHAHAHA! My other sister and I commented how she must have not evolved fully, therefore retaining more of the primate features. It’s okay really, not as awful as it might have sounded. Digging at and cracking jokes out of each other is a common in our family. We never get offended. Well, most of the time anyway.  

…watching my daddy crack his head over a game of Sudoku. My dad has been hooked onto it ever since he tried one in a copy of Today recently. However since we don’t have the chance to pick up the papers every morning, he ran out of puzzles to solve and started on an old book which my baby sister bought a year ago. After he finished that, my frugal sister (ie my younger sister; I’ve decided to call her this or it becomes hard to differentiate in my writing sometimes), as thrifty as she is, actually wanted to buy a new one for him. But such a book costs easily over ten bucks these days and she forsook the idea. Yes, that would be the sister I know. I told her that we should be able to find puzzles online to print out. She did, except that she didn’t want to waste printer ink and paper and copied them by hand in an old exercise book for the dad. Bless her. Sometimes she surprises me haha. Hence now whenever my dad completes all the puzzles, he will announce it and one of my sisters will promptly copy new ones for him.

…finishing an entire pack of Chicken in a Biskit, which is as usual disgusting loaded with MSG, with my sisters after dinner. And that was after we finished half a box of Rochers. We are such horrible junkies that sometimes we are truly disgusted with ourselves as well. You can stop shaking your head now. We know.

…discussing our breakfast plans for Saturday. Yes, that will be National Day, our country’s 43rd birthday. With Ang Mo Kio being under not just PAP rule but our PM as well, and my block so near the town central, if there’s an occasion to celebrate, my area will definitely be involved. Same as last year, there will be a mini carnival held at the field and carpark right in front of my block, which will start in the morning, followed by a mini performance and live screening of the NDP parade at the field. Since the area will start bustling with activity as early as 830am, meaning that we can’t sleep in even if we want to, we decide to head out for breakfast since we haven’t have the chance to do so for quite sometime. It will be damn noisy for the whole of Saturday but with the right people, it can be fun. 

…doing many other things which involved plenty of laughter and chatter, that I can’t recall now.

It is moments like this which make me realise why I am even still here. Sometimes when the going gets tough, you remember whom you can always fall back upon and you find the strength to clench your teeth and move on.

It is also moments like this which reminds me that nothing or nobody is perfect. Despite all the flaws that we can have, there will be people who still love us for who we are. Despite all the flaws that others have, you remember to focus on their good instead and love them for who they are. In fact, if you really love the person, you will be able to find the flaws adorable in their unique own ways.

It’s not that easy but it’s not that hard either. We are all just better at finding excuses for ourselves. 

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