The most hilarious thing happened on Tuesday when my colleagues and I were on our way back to the workplace in a cab during lunch hours. We bought lunch back for ourselves and other colleagues amongst many other stuff which my colleague bought from the mall, so we were carrying many bags of food and goodies. Since the male (gay? yes, it’s that colleague) colleague and I were staggering with most of the stuff, we decided to let the other female colleague take the front seat instead of him.

It was actually a short ride back to the hospital but the slight traffic jam was slowing down the return trip. I was happily flipping through the 8-days magazine which my colleague bought when a handphone rang. It wasn’t mine, so I ignored it and continued reading the magazine leisurely. The handphone continued to ring. No one answered the call. It seemed really near, so I figured that it was the male colleague’s phone. I could recognise the ringtone of the other colleague, so I knew it wasn’t hers.

After more than fifteen seconds, the phone was still making a nuisance! It was a very loud ringtone, so it was starting to give me a headache. I was reading the magazine and thinking at the same when the guy was going to pick up the call. Finally I could take it no more and turn around to look at him, only to find him peering at me intently.

Wait a minute, the sound seemed terribly near. Was it really my own handphone? Maybe it was some alarm which I set using a ringtone different from the usual one?! I slided my Samsung out of my pocket to check. Nope, it wasn’t mine. I slipped it back into my pocket. My colleague was shocked. “It’s not your phone?! But it’s coming from you!”  I looked behind my back and there the culprit was on the seat, a old Sony Ericsson, ringing its head off!  

“Quick! Answer it!”

I did and it turned out that some dude dropped his handphone on the cab. It was a lady friend of his who called and we made arrangements for her to pick it up from me. I recognised from her accent that she wasn’t a local but it wasn’t until I met her when I realised that she was a Korean and it was her adorable son, no more than twelve years old, who lost the handphone. It was so interesting. I’m glad that I did a good deed. Maybe they will have a better impression of our country haha.

Whenever my colleagues and I think back about the incident, we always have a good laugh. All the time when the mobile was ringing, I was reading my magazine, thinking why he wasn’t picking up the call, and there he was, wondering why on earth I didn’t realise that my handphone was ringing. Our colleague knew from the ringtone that it wasn’t either of our handphones and thought that it was the cab uncle’s!!!