It’s baby Ashley’s ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY celebration today! The actual day is on the 7th but well, today’s the weekend. Ru and I met up early to buy the gift before popping by their place.

Gosh, she was soooooo cute! Even though she spent most of the time feeding and then sleeping, and then feeding again every two hours! The time when she was awake was precious. She kept performing totally adorable acts like stretching, opening and closing her tiny mouth, and more stretching!!! The little princess didn’t make much noise. She didn’t even cry! I wanted to hear whether her cries were as loud and shrill as her mummy has described. Sounds a bit evil, don’t I? But the girl was so well behaved around guests! Good girl!

I could never get sick of watching her in silence! And she was absolutely the cutest when she stretched!! She kept making these funny faces like squashing her tiny face all together, crinkling her button nose! And this girl can really frown like her mummy! It’s amazing how she resembles her mummy!   

After the second feeding, little Ashley tried to fall asleep again. Even though one could tell that she was feeling really drowsy by how her tiny eyelids kept drooping down, she kept being awakened by the commotion going about in the house, relatives playing mahjong, friends playing a game of Taboo. At one point, she opened her eyes real wide and looked at me intently. To which I responded, “Why are you staring at me?” and all of a sudden, without any warning, she smiled.

Darn, that was so cute. I think she really likes me somehow haha.

The mummy and her precious baby. Grace is a different woman, I tell you! Motherhood can do miracles to people!!!! To be honest, she would be one of the last friends I would have expected to have a baby, but look how things have turned out so differently and what a delightful change this has been.


One last look at the cutie. I can’t wait for her to grow up and start doing even cuter stuff like waving her tiny hands, cooing nonsensical babyish language non-stop and crawling!