Surprisingly, when I opened my email inbox this morning, there was no new mail with attachments of articles for me to vet from my boss! *phew* My eyes need that break. Besides, I have a pretty important appointment for tomorrow morning to stress over and because it has been set last minute, there’s so much preparation that I need to do with so little time! Urgh!

I’ve so much to blog about. I went to the Singapore Garden Festival on Monday and there’re so many photographs that I want to put up here. I want to write something on dreams, a relevation made to me after reading some Freud. I guess I will have to save these for the weekends, or maybe tomorrow afternoon if I happen to be really free, though I seriously doubt so. My poor computer will be decomissioned this afternoon so I will be forcibly detached from the virtual world for a few hours this afternoon. But yeah, a brand new computer! My Dell is ancient although to be fair, it’s working perfectly fine and doesn’t lag or die on me. I will miss you, my Dell.

Here are some photos from Suntec Convention Hall where the event was held:


This is my favourite exhibit. Don’t ask me about the flowers. I don’t like flowers in particular and I’m always at the Singapore Garden Festival (I went to the previous one as well) only for the exhibit designs, especially those incorporating home interior designs. They drive me crazy! In the good way of course, in the way that makes me drool and lust after them. I really felt like jumping onto the exhibits and lying on the sofas/beds. But I figured that it wouldn’t be a pretty sight to have security guards dragging me out from the exhibit and thrown out of the Hall.

I call that particular exhibit “My Dream Home”. Yes, I named that myself and no, I can’t remember its original name. It’s not practical but it’s lovely. Love doesn’t make sense sometimes and yes, it was love at first sight.

And I did a Karen Cheng!

No idea what it is? Well, you need to read her blog. Doing the Karen Cheng is quite popular world-wide. And yes, that was in the ladies. Do you know that Suntec Convention Hall has sparkling clean and totally deserted washrooms with pretty amazing lighting (but I’m no expert here) for some shameless photo-taking haha?

Ok, back to work. lalalalalalalalalaaaa~