This is unusual considering that I used to blog almost daily. Sometimes even a few posts in one day.

But then again, I did say that I will be very busy these couple of weeks. It’s just insane. My boss’ deadlines are MY deadlines. My boss’ problems and questions are MINE to resolve. My boss usually just throws me a destination and expects me to find my way there on my own, be it by walking, swimming, by train or plane, as long as I get there on time. I like my boss to bits but all that proof reading is attempting to make me as blind as a bat in no time. Actually, bats are not even blind! The Microchiropteras may have poor eye sight but that of the Macrochiropteras is very keen. Then again, it depends on whether I’m a Micro or a Macro. I’m not tall, so I suppose I could be a Micro, so I could be turning blind very soon.

Wait, I’m rumbling randomly.

I don’t have the time to talk nonsense!!!

Did I say that I’m very busy???

I did?

Wait, I don’t have the time to say that I’m busy so many times!

Time to go home.

(Yeah I may be busier than usual but luckily my boss doesn’t expect me to do OT.)