A conversation between my very adorable baby sister (ok she’s turning 20 this year) and I:

Me: Do you know how the brain cell of an idiot dies?

Sis: *after a minute of pondering* Huh? How?

Me: Of loneliness *bwahahahaha*

*three seconds of silence*

Sis: *bewildered look on her face* Huh? Why? I don’t get it!!!!

Me: *bwahahahaha* That’s how your brain cell dies too!!!! *bwahahahaha*

Sis: *still wondering hard*


*five minutes later when my other sis walked into the room*

Me: *gesturing to our baby sis who still didn’t get it* She doesn’t get the joke.

Both of us: *bwahahahahahahahahaha*


I hope you DO get the joke.