Haha I’m not the only one having mental constipation! Someone else is too!

On a sidenote, I’ve been busy for the whole of the past week and will be for the next few days as well, I guess. My boss has a (in her own words) looming deadline of, not one but two freakingly heavy academic works which she’s the editor of. I’m so proud of her. One is the first ever publication of its kind in Singapore and the other is an internationally acclaimed journal. She’s so very excited but the workload is almost killing her. Which is why I’ve been helping her with the editorial work but all that staring at the computer screen is killing my eyes!!! I feel like I’m going blind!!! It doesn’t help that all the articles are heavily loaded with yawn-inducing medical terms.

I wonder if my name will appear on both publications as the sub-editor. Ok, I guess not.