Went to the White Dog Cafe at Vivocity with the girls last Thursday. Too lazy to say much now haha but we had a fantastic time! We chatted so much, joked so much, laughed so hard. Not sure if we made lots of noise as well but I don’t think we did. I didn’t really notice haha. We all behaved like we were high on dope haha. But I swear we are as clean as..erm, ok I got myself there, nothing’s really clean these days!

The food was not bad!

Teriyaki meatballs

Calamari, or what was left of the entire plate (the girls snatched the stuff up way too fast for my hands to pick up my handphone)

PS Love (basically prawns, scallops, bacon, mash potato & salad)

Pacific Dory

The platter that made us giggle: Sausage Platter

And beer was on promotion! So I had to have one!

Yummy chocolates all the way from Korea (courtesy of Cyn)


No photos of us during the dinner because I was laughing too much and concentrating on my food too hard to remember that. My jiemeis reminded me why they are always such dear friends of mine that evening. 🙂